AM Technology works in the field of industrial technology by designing and manufacturing treatment and handling systems for the food industry.



The peculiarity of our approach results not only in machinery but also in customized technologies that allow us to carry out every type of installation even in the most difficult situations.

Fondatore AM Technology Eliseo Bisello

AM Vision: the suitable technology for any business


We consider technology as a unique chance that has to be accessible to everybody: too many companies give up to invest in technology when they do not find a production solution.


These are the companies that most need technological innovation to develop and express their potential: in such situations we feel challenged.

AM Technology does not surrender to the idea that there may be technologically disadvantaged companies: our vision for the future involves that any company, big or small, will have the most suitable technology available to fulfil its potential.

Macchinari a spirale

AM Mission: overcome the technological gap


Our mission is to reduce the technological gap by making our know-how available to our customers, regardless of their company size.


Compared to other manufacturers of food processing machines we stand out in our approach to work: we design our systems based on the specific customer’s request.
Thanks to our “tailor-made” design we can install the suitable plant even in the most challenging environments or narrow spaces.


The size of your company should not be a limit: it just tells where you started from, not how far you can go.

Macchinari e impianti a spirale studiati su misura per il settore alimentare
Macchinari e impianti studiati su misura per il settore alimentare

AM Approach: we design customized simplicity


“Complexity is not always convertible: sometimes the only solution is to re-design anew.”


To overcome the technological gap we have developed our special “simple approach”.


The question is: “Why producing complexity and then waste time to convert it into a more intuitive and simple solution?”
Adjusting to your needs a machine built for other purposes is not the solution: it is the “least-worst” choice.


A technology designed to meet the needs of many has plenty of features: each one will satisfy somebody, but not everybody.


A potential solution could be removing the useless functions. As a matter of fact, in case of very complex technology, functions-removal is not enough to go back to simplicity.


The difference between the worst and the best is just this: the best solution for you can be achieved only by starting from your own needs.

Customized plants and machinery for food processes

High-Hydration Industrial Plants

Proofing of high-hydration doughs



Proofing systems Industrial Plants

Designed to bring out the organoleptic properties of your product thanks to a natural process in a healthy and easily controlled environment.



Cooling systems for Industrial Plants

Totally flexible, they have the suitable configuration for any production to guarantee the temperature required by the same.



Freezing systems for Industrial Plants

The best technology that quickly brings your product to temperature, thanks to the most efficient airflow solutions and an excellent
heat exchange.



Pasteurization systems for Industrial Plants

The size and type of ventilation is fully adaptable according to the product. The system may be equipped with special linear or spiral-type conveyor belts suitable for any space and processing time.



Handling systems for Industrial Plants

The best solutions for product handling at any stage of production by connecting and creating continuous processing lines of the different products: bulk or packaged, raw or frozen, cooked or cooled.




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